Custom School Flags


Design a custom flag or let us design it for you! Quality custom made flags for Campuses, Museums, Municipalities, Businesses, and more. Custom flags are available as a hand-sewn appliqué, silk screening, or full color digital graphics.


Screen Printed – Traditional

  • 100% Domestically Made Nylon

  • 1 Part Screen Ink that’s uniquely formulated for screen printing darker color inks onto lighter color backgrounds while also providing/offering full ink penetration. 2 Part Screen Ink that’s highly opaque, flexible, and elastic and is used when printing lighter color inks onto darker color backgrounds while our unique printing process allows for back side of fabric print.

  • Over 70+ Background Colors

  • Single and 2 Sided Construction

  • Standard and custom sizes

  • Quantities as low as one, but value based at 12pcs or more

Digitally Printed

  • 100% Domestically Made Nylon

  • Full Color Graphics

  • Single and 2 Side Construction

  • Standard and custom sizes

  • Quantities as low as one


Finishing –Indoor/Parade Hem & Fringe

Shapes – Pennant, Tapered or Rectangle Burgee

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Delivery 2-3 Week (Rush Delivery Available)